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Industrial Services

ALTRET cleaning services division is long established and highly experienced in chemical cleaning of all types of equipments. Our wide-ranging and intense knowledge of the industry has led to chemical cleaning contracts throughout the India. We are proud of our successful accomplishments and the excellence of our workmanship.

We provide specialized industrial chemical cleaning services. Our full range of services encompasses all aspects of the maintenance involved in liquid storage facilities. This is not just limited to emptying and cleaning but extends to testing and associated items.

The cleaning services are not just for conventional equipments such as boilers, heat exchangers, condensers we also operate within the varieties of industry carrying out a full range of pre cleaning, passivation, degreasing, corrosion prevention, decontamination on oxygen service pipeline line, hydraulic pipeline, cross country pipelines etc.

All works are carried out using our highly trained personnel who adhere to Health and Safety Guidance Notes and other relevant Safety Regulations. The handling of all hazardous waste is disposed of at approved sites. During executing cleaning jobs tasks we ensure that at all times we occupy the correct safety standards for the system configuration, site and products stored.

The cleaning contract/job will be carried out with state of art ALTRET cleaning chemicals along with suitable corrosion inhibitors and other surfactant aids. The excellent ALTRET products combined with our professional approach to service care, help our customers to achieve significant savings in maintenance time and costs, improve energy and process efficiency.

ALTRET is constantly developing excellent cleaning chemicals and corrosion inhibitors to meet the challenges facing various industries.

"We have a collective team experience in chemical cleaning field of 250 years and with that kind of history we are confident in carrying out result oriented cleaning job contracts safely and within schedule."

Scope of Works

Cleaning Job Contract/Cleaning Chemicals/Corrosion Inhibitors We Serve

We have taken job cleaning contract along with supplying cleaning chemicals and corrosion inhibitors in below state industries. In many industries we are supplying cleaning chemicals and corrosion inhibitor without taking job contract where customer having own set up of cleaning job.

Specific Cleaning Job/Corrosion Inhibition

Apart from conventional cleaning job or supply of cleaning chemicals we have expertise to supply/serve specialized application of cleaning chemicals/corrosion inhibitors such as:

ALTRET Cleaning Chemicals/Corrosion Inhibitors Product Range