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Liquid Fuel Additives

CMC 95 L series is a versatile liquid phase combustion-monitoring chemical/fuel additives for liquid fuel such as furnace oil, LDO, LSHS etc. These products are contains dispersant, anti fouling agent along with advanced combustion catalyst for liquid fuel to improve boiler performance.

Use of heavy fuel oils in industrial furnaces is known to produce a host of corrosion, shoot deposition and environmental related problems. Severe corrosion in hot and cold zones of the furnace and emissions of obnoxious gases, particulates and acid smut to the atmosphere, shoot deposition, poor efficiency, nozzle choking, shoot rain are a few to name which will cost millions by way of forced shut downs and unscheduled maintenance, besides creating environmental pollution. A cost effective solution to mitigate some of the above problems is the use of chemical fuel additives. The effectiveness of chemical additives in heavy oil fired boilers is site specific and requires testing of additive in the boiler under actual operating conditions to optimize the additive regime to obtain the maximum gains.

Problems with Liquid Fuels Fired System

Combustion of Liquid Fuel

Altret CMC 95 L Combustion Monitoring Chemicals having following Properties

Key Benefits of CMC 95 L Series Liquid Fuel Additives

Success Measurements of CMC 95 L Series Liquid Fuel Additives

Various flue gas parameters such as SOx, and NOx contents, rates of acid build up can be determined during the trial for performance evolution of product. Quantitative evaluation of boiler soots from the test unit as well as from a control unit without additive dosing will be also carried out for comparison. Effects of additive dosing on the be boiler performance will be also monitored by evaluating boiler load, efficiency, flue gas outlet temperature, opacity, fuel and steam flows, etc. Boiler internals were inspected before and after the testing of each additive. Results of these tests will be summarized after completion of trial project.

Analytical Parameters and Procedures


Asphaltenec are the heaviest and most polar fraction in crude oil. During the refining of crude oil, Asphaltenes will be end up in the high percentage in the residual fuels. A liquid fuel content more than 6% of asphaltenes.

Asphaltenec are very complex molecules consist of Alkyl side chains. The Heateroatoms O, N, S as well as the metals V, Ni, and Fe are also present in Asphaltenec. Exact molecular structures of Asphaltenec are not known.

Problem Caused due to Asphaltenes