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Solid Fuel Additives

M/s. Altret Industries Pvt. Ltd., Surat in technical collaboration with S.V.N.I.T., Surat, started to work in this area since 1992 and through extensive AR&D efforts launched ALTRET 95 & 2K Series of Combustion Monitoring Chemical/Fuel Additives in the market.

This highly advanced series of fuel additives have many desirable qualities such as CATALYTIC EFFECT for improved combustion, ANTI-FOULING & ANTI-CLINKERING property for better heat exchange and dual effect, oxidation & reduction catalyst for lowering the emission levels.

Key Characteristics of ALTRET 95 & 2K Series Combustion Monitoring Chemicals/Fuel Additives for Solid Fuel

How ALTRET CMC 95/2K Series Combustion Monitoring Chemicals Works?

Combustion efficiency is governed by fuel quality (Ash Contents, Carbon, Sulphur, Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Oxygen, Volatile Matters, Moisture, and C.V. etc.), excess air ratio, bed height, particle size, air velocity, furnace configuration and complete oxidation of carbon. The thermal resistance of heat transfer surfaces depends on tube material, waterside scaling, fireside fouling, particle morphology, presence of volatile and temperature gradients.

The combustion efficiency of boiler/heat producing system can be improved by using ALTRET CMC 95/2K Series combustion catalyst. The improved combustion will not only improve the overall efficiency but also reduce the emission level of the system. ALTRET additive also alters the particle morphology, which reduces the Accretion or Coating, Fouling and Clinkering tendency of ash by changing the eutectic structure of ash and thus the thermal efficiency is improved.

The Selective Oxidizing catalyst of ALTRET CMC 95/2K Series Combustion Monitoring Chemicals/Fuel Additive provides better pore surface area by penetrating into fuel particles to convert normal fuel particle in to advanced catalyzed fuel particle. It provides high rate of oxygen penetration along with enhanced surface area obtained through advanced catalyst.

Antifouling effect may be obtained by changing preferred direction of orientation of particles, by forming a protective layer of vapors on surfaces and by retarding ash reaction leading to formation of clinkers and formation of Sodium and Potassium Sulphates and Pyrosulphates.

Suitably co-coordinated ALTRET fuel additive can certainly improve the overall performance of heat exchange equipment like boiler through catalytic and anti-fouling effect.
The increased awareness towards EURO compliance and foreseen crisis of fossil fuel ALTRET launched ALTRET CMC 95/2K Series Combustion Monitoring Chemicals/Fuel Additive in 1992.

Criteria to Judge Performance Evaluation of CMC 95/2K Series Combustion Monitoring Chemical (CMC)TM/Fuel Additives

ALTRET CMC 95/2K Series Combustion Monitoring Chemical (CMC)TM/Fuel Additives are Available for

ALTRET CMC 95/2K Series products for high calorific value to low calorific value solid fuels, high Sulphar content fuel to low Sulphar content solid fuels, high volatile content to low volatile content solid fuels.