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Boiler water treatment

In this high demand of Energy Steam generation demands are increasing. Boiler is a Heart for any process, Power generation industries. Now for Facility Management & as utility the operation of boiler is a critical and it should be run trouble free. Internal water treatment program is just not offering treatment chemicals but boiler system should be run trouble free. ALTRET offers complete water treatment packages including regular as well value added services as mention here.

ALTRET water treatment chemicals for boiler includes number of products formulated for the control of Scale, Corrosion, Oxygen, Foaming, Carryover and Condensate Corrosion. Treatment Programs that solve and help prevent problems.

Identify the problems and objectives:

We begin a project by meeting with plant personnel for a preliminary discussion and conduct a survey to obtain data about the plant equipment and operations. This involves investigation of water flow, water sources, study of existing water chemistry parameters, system history, critical heating and steaming areas potential problems and environmental issues.

Design the treatment program:

To insure that the program is reliable, effective and cost efficient. Full line of steam boilers, condensate, and hot water systems treatment products for oxygen scavenging, corrosion inhibition, scale prevention and control are available to provide flexibility in meeting all customers and environmental requirements.

Monitoring the treatment:

Our field consultants are trained in all aspects of industrial water treatment, they understand your steam boilers, condensate and your hot water system needs and problems and have the experience to conduct and recommend appropriate monitoring procedures.

Support/Value added services:

Startup and operations assistance, on going operator's training, system-equipment inspections, review of log sheet scheduled reviews and documentation, taking water samples, lab analysis, and comprehensive lab report with our commendations. ALTRET also offers cost reduction ideas and Inventory Monitoring.

Apart for these require service ALTRET may offer Free Survey, Technical On-site Water Analysis of all Treated Systems, Field Consulting, Boiler Efficiency Calculation, Flue Gas Analysis Services (Combustion Efficiency, O2–CO2 % in Stack, Excess Air % etc.) SO2 in Stack, Balancing Air to Fuel Ratio, Fuel Analysis (Proximate & Calorific Value of Fuels).

ALTRET also provide to give standard test method to valuable client, assist client to develop Laboratory for Water Analysis, provide and learn client to prepare Standard Solution which are being used at Water Testing Laboratory.



The local service representative of the supplier is also very important to the success, or failure, of any water treatment program due to intimate involvement in chemistry specification, program control and troubleshooting. The user is advised to carefully screen the supplier representatives and obtain one who has both a technical background and experience in the cooling water treatment field as applied to industrial plants.

Service modules and monitoring for cooling water treatment:

Cooling water is one of the important and essential utilities for most of the industrial activities. Therefore, its proper management plays a vital role in optimizing the process operation. At the same time, its improper management obstructs production and induces problems of pollution seriously. This necessitates understanding of cooling water management and formulation of guidelines and stipulations for adoption by the cooling water users.

Monitoring tool/Technical service:

Technical service will be provided by experienced water treatment service engineers and experts from ALTRET, throughout the operation of the cooling water treatment programs. In addition to the routine service ALTRET representative will be available for treatment program start-up, troubleshooting and or special projects. ALTRET representatives are equipped with 24 hrs/day answering services and mobile systems and will be available for any emergency, situation, which may arise.

Our regular service consists of:
Monitoring and collection of system data thereby evaluation of performance of cooling water system.
We will monitor following parameters on monthly basis:

Our service engineer will visit your site to monitor smooth operation of the programme & monthly performance report will be submitted on regular basis, along with trend analysis through our tailor made software developed by ALTRET.

The necessary instrumentation & manpower for carrying out the Cooling Water Treatment programme which will come in our scope of work/supply include the following:

Fuel Additives

ALTRET offers Flue Gas Analysis, Boiler Efficiency Calculation, Proximate Ash/Fuel Analysis, Ultimate Ash/Fuel Analysis, Calorific Value, Clinker Test, Angel of Repose, Sieve Test, SO Test etc. to valued Clients.



Trends Service is in market when people were not aware of cleaning concept. Our organization is contributing tremendous level of contribution in the cleaning sector and helping India in making cleaner and hygiene. With the increasing awareness in an individuals and organizations about maintaining hygienic conditions at the institutional premises becomes extremely important for everyone and as for ALTRET too. We are providing all the necessary services to keep others updated.

Trends provides the various services to its wide client network.

Suggesting the right product for the right application. The technical team of ALTRET with its technical strength and in depth product knowledge will be able to suggest the best solution for the client to meet its needs.

value added services